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The leading appointment management & patient engagement system

The most comprehensive fully integrated system building better health care & better business.

  • Engage with my patients
  • Improve my bottom line
  • Build my practice
  • Lower my staff cost
  • SMS for less
  • Lower my postage cost

Watch a 1 minute video, see how Appointuit integrates flawlessly with your favourite practice management software.

Appointuit is leading the way in online doctor appointment management & patient engagement for better health and better business.

For New & Existing Patients

We assist almost 2000 health professionals to build their patient base and manage their existing demand.

Australia’s single most popular medical appointment app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Build your new patient base

Appointuit gives you and your practice the option to allow new patient registration to help grow your new patient base with little effort.

Simple pricing

Simple, predictable pricing structure. With no hidden fees, no setup costs, no ‘new’ patient fees and no per appointment fees

Fully integrated

Appointuit fully integrates with Best Practice, Pracsoft, ZedMed and Genie.

Beautiful & easy to use apps

Appointuit has simple to use apps for iOS (Apple), Android phones and tablets as well as customisable widget sits on your practice website.

An award winning patient engagement system for your practice

Engage! provides practices with an extremely cost effective and efficient method to communicate, engage and encourage patients to make appointments. This allows you to quickly and easily create a preventative health care email and send it out to any filtered segment of your patient community

It seamlessly links with Best Practice Appointment Book with absolutely no staff interaction.

David BaileyAustralian Association Practice Managers Member

Interested in using Appointuit at your practice?

Like two peas in a pod...

Appointuit Engage! and SMS work together to allow you to reach as many patients as you can!

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Proactive healthcare awareness straight to your patients phones

Unlock the power to communicate to any of your patients for whom you may not have email addresses recorded. This is an ideal way to reach any or all of your patients for your healthcare initiatives or keep patients updated on practice news such as unexpected practice closure dates.

Our patients find it very easy to use and reassuring to know that they can make an appointment outside of office hours

Quan VoGlebe Medical Centre, Sydney

Your gate way and overview of Appointuit at your practice

With Appointuit Dashboard and Analytics you can manage Appointuit and get detailed stats and reports on how your patients are using Appountuit and how you can improve the uptake of Appointuit at your practice.

System wide alerts on new updates, server downtime and important news

Stats on what appointments are being made at your practice via Appointuit apps

Easy to view time-line of patients making appointments using Appointuit

SMS reminders for your patients, no matter how they made their appointment

Appointuit SMS allows you to remind all of your patients of their pending appointments regardless of how they booked, minimising costly no-shows. On receipt, they will be prompted to register for online appointments, thus increasing your online appointment uptake. Patients will also be able to view and manage all of their appointments online.

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Interested in using Appointuit at your practice?

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