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Protecting Patient Data

All communication between Appointuit and your servers and your patients computers are encrypted with 128-bit encryption using TLS 1.2 using AES_128_GCM and uses DHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism. Appointuit employs a layered data access policy to limit employees data access to those required to perform their tasks. Appointuit does not hold any clinical information.

Appointuit Practice Connectors

When appointments are made online, our practice connectors place these appointments right into your appointment book. Communication on Appointuit Connectors are encrypted. It is designed to be firewall friendly, and does not require inbound ports to be opened.

Credit Card Information

No credit cards are needed for patients wanting to use Appointuit. For practices we do NOT store your credit card information. We’ve partnered up with an industry-leading billing agency to handle all recurring credit card transactions. All credit card data is encrypted by an SSL connection when transmitting to their PCI-Compliant network.

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How you can help with security

While Appointuit does its best to protect your data, in the end we are relying on data from the practice. In some cases a patients email are shared amongst families or typos occur, while that is something we can not control, we do our best to monitor accounts and amend any problems. If you do find incorrect details on your account, please email

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Mobile App Security

Data on mobile deviceĀ apps is transmitted via SSL.

Data Sovereignty

Unlike some appointment systems, Appointuit respects your data sovereignty. All patient contact information remains in the practice's ownership, and will never be shared or sold by Appointuit.

Data Centre Security

Appointuit servers are hosted within Australia in a data centre that also houses government servers. Both physical and electronic access are restricted to only authorised personnel. By locating our servers within one Australias leading server providers, you can have peace of mind that your patient data will not leave the country.

Have Any Other Concerns?

Contact for more on how we ensure security over data.

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